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Ankh ANKH | ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph meaning | life • A story about Hope and Redemption told through the eyes of two friends, Traction…

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Atlas Uncaged

Atlas Uncaged Historically, successful rebellions have had a strong music association; an anthem that encapsulates the feel and message of the people involved. Story Rational…

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Caroline Six

Caroline Six …crafts pop music that’s inspiring, relatable, and intimate–all from the viewpoint of a poet who is also a soprano singer, songwriter, accomplished pianist…

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Dee Railleur

Dee Railleur Dee is an enigma, a paradox made flesh. She is fiercely intelligent and keenly perceptive, seeing the world not as it presents itself,…

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Jackie Blue

Jackie Blue A Detroit-based band that combines the elements of funk and rock music into what is termed “Funk ‘n Roll.” The band was formed…

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